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IGET Bar Plus Review: A Huge Hit In 2024?

If you’re looking for a vape that can charge and directly replace the pod, the IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs should be on your pre-selection list.

I GET Bar Plus is an upgraded version of IGET Bar.

This is mainly reflected in the expansion of the e-liquid capacity, the increase of the puff counts and the introduction of rechargeable batteries.

In this IGET Bar Plus review, we will comprehensively evaluate Bar Plus.

It is mainly an in-depth study of its appearance, design, features and flavour, so as to give our sincere evaluation.


IGET Bar Plus Review Introduction

One of the reasons the Bar Plus has quickly distinguished itself in the vape market is that it offers replaceable IGET Plus pods and a rechargeable battery.

Therefore, for many vape users, buying an IGET Plus pod vape is a good choice.

It not only allows you to save the cost of frequent purchases of disposable vapes but also can easily taste different pod flavours.

To give you a more comprehensive understanding of Bar Plus, we do a lot of work.

We have collected various data from Google, Ahrefs and other authoritative websites, such as the prices, to verify that the content we write is from a reliable source.

In addition, I’ve been using the Bar Plus IGET device continuously for more than two months to test it. The details will be further mentioned in the following content.

But at the end of the day, these efforts are aimed at getting more vape users to know IGET Bar Plus.

IGET Bar Plus Instructions

IGET Bar Plus Instructions

The IGET 6000 puff is a rechargeable pod vape. With 19 flavours and up to 6000 puff capacity, the device is an excellent choice for users looking for longevity and a flexible vaping experience.

As an upgraded version of the IGET Bar, the IGET 6000 offers a more compact number of puffs and a larger e-liquid capacity.

Most importantly, IGET Plus Bar introduces rechargeable batteries and replaceable pods, aiming to provide users with a more sustainable and cost-effective vaping experience.

However, please note that if you run out of puffs, simply replace them with new 👉 IGET Pods. Remember not to use any other pod model, which may damage the device.


  • E-liquid Capacity: 16 ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg/ml)
  • Battery: 600 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Puffs: 6000+ puffs
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Flavours: 19+
IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs

IGET Bar Plus Price

Different vape shops offer different price gradients for Bar Plus Vape products. Here are the top 10 IGET Plus prices I gleaned from Google:

Appearance and Design

IGET Bar Plus Appearance

The IGET Bar Plus 6000 puffs is a stylish cylindrical device. Its smooth frosted design, cool skeleton pattern and brightly coloured letters are some of the elements that are very eye-catching.

In addition, when you choose different flavours, the bottles of IGET 6000 puff will display corresponding colours. For example, when you choose a Double Apple, the bottle is green.

IGET Bar Plus Design

The mouthpiece of the Bar Plus has a flat shape, which facilitates the concentrated release of vapour and produces a stronger throat hit.

At the bottom of the device, there is a square plug-in port shape. When the device is low on power, plug the Type-C charging cable into the charging port for quick charging.

My Using Experience

Watching the growing popularity of Bar Plus, I couldn’t help but be excited to take part in the test. I mainly consider its price, flavour, design and quality. Here’s how I’ve been using Bar Plus for two months:

💰 Price: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The price of an IGET 6000 device is $34.90. This price is still acceptable compared to other pod vape on the market.

But for me, I would prefer to choose the IGET Bar Plus bundle so that I can enjoy the best price.

😋 Flavour: 3.0 ⭐⭐⭐

I like new things very much and don’t like tasting the same flavour for long.

So, I’m not entirely satisfied with the only 19 flavours available on Bar Plus IGET.

But the fact that Bar Plus has my favourite fruit flavour is a plus.

💫Design: 4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I like the compact design of Bar Plus. I can also carry it with me on business trips, and it doesn’t take up any volume.

The appearance of the design is also very cool, especially the skeleton pattern, which really highlights the personality.

⚙️ Quality: 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bar Plus is made of PC+ALU material. Both of these materials are impact-resistant.

I remember one time my Bar Plus device rolled from the third floor to the first floor, but it didn’t do anything, and it even started. That really shocked me.

Pros And Cons

IGET Bar Plus 6000 Puffs – Pineapple Banana

IGET Bar Plus Flavours


  • Compact design and easy-to-carry
  • Long-lasting vape experience
  • Pure flavour and smooth vapour
  • The device can be reused
  • A large puff number
  • Replaceable and rechargeable


  • Some flavours taste too sweet
  • No airflow adjustment function
  • The battery capacity is not big enough

Features: What Makes It So Attractive?

Why the emergence of Bar Plus is loved by so many people. I’m sure it’s a combination of factors. Here, I will elaborate on four aspects:

IGET Bar Plus Review: Replaceable Pods

Replaceable pods

The pod of IGET Bar Plus refill can be removed and replaced directly from the device.

Unlike other disposable vapes, the vape juice is exhausted, and the device has no use value.

🔔Note: I GET Bar Plus must be used with the Bar Plus Pods.

IGET Bar Plus Review: Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable battery

The I GET Bar Plus is equipped with a 600mAh battery. The 600mAh battery capacity is small compared to the IGET Bar’s 1500 mAh battery capacity.

However, the IGET Plus battery is rechargeable, and it is enough to consume 16ml of the liquid.

IGET Bar Plus Features: Large E-liquid Capacity

Large e-liquid capacity

The IGET Plus Bar can store 16ml of liquid, giving you a long-lasting vaping experience so that you don’t need to worry about frequent refills.

IGET Bar Plus Features: Advanced Coil Technology

Advanced coil technology

The Bar Plus uses a 1.4ohm mesh coil. Compared with the regular coil, the mesh coil can heat the e-liquid more evenly, thus providing a purer flavour.

Besides, the mesh coil can provide higher power so the device can quickly produce a large amount of vapour.

Best IGET Bar Plus Flavours: Paradise For The Sweet Tooth

To get relatively unbiased IGET Bar Plus flavours, we collected data on flavour sales from the IGETBAR website as well as data on the five most exposed flavours from Google Search Console.

This data gives a somewhat realistic picture of the most popular flavours ranked.

IGET Bar Plus Flavour Ratio Chart
IGET Bar Plus Flavour Ratio Chart
GSC Partial Flavour Exposure
GSC Partial Flavour Exposure
The Sum Of The Data Of The Top 5 Flavors Of IGET Bar Plus
The Sum Of The Data Of The Top 5 Flavors Of IGET Bar Plus

*Google Search Console(GSC): A web service by Google that allows webmasters to check indexing status, search queries, crawl errors, and optimize the visibility of their websites.

If you happen to be shopping for one of the best flavours that suits you, then you can’t miss this IGET Bar Plus flavours list!

👉 Best I GET Bar Plus Flavours

How Does The IGET Bar Plus Work?

How Does The Bar Plus Work

How to turn on IGET Bar Plus? The Bar Plus IGET works in a similar way to most disposable vapes.

When you inhale into a mouthpiece, a sensor inside the device detects the airflow and immediately activates the heating element or coil.

The e-liquid stored in the IGET vape pods then evaporates into a vapour that can be inhaled.

IGET Bar Plus Charging Instructions

IGET Bar Plus Charging Instructions

You’re lucky because the Bar Plus is a rechargeable vaping device. Just follow these simple steps to get a fully charged Bar Plus quickly.

# Step 1: Tool preparation

Before charging, ensure the Type-C charging cable and IGET Plus Bar device are ready.

# Step 2: Find the charging port

The charging port for IGET Plus is located at the bottom of the device.

# Step 3: Connect the charger and power supply

Plug the Type-C charging cable into the charging port, then connect the other cable to the power supply.

# Step 4: Observe the circle indicator light

When the device is successfully connected to the power supply, the circle at the bottom will flash white.

# Step 5: Wait 30-60 minutes

The Bar Plus Vape can reach 80% after 30 minutes of charging. Within an hour, the device can be fully charged to 100%.

# Step 6: Unplug and enjoy

The charging process is complete when the white circ stops flashing or turns off completely. At this point, you can unplug the charger from the power supply.

If you want to know more about the IGET Bar Plus charging process, you can click the below article to have further reading!

👉 How To Charge IGET Bar Plus: 5 Steps Help Revive It

How Long Does IGET Bar Plus Last?

The Bar Plus Vape offers up to 6000+ puffs and is a durable vape device. However, the durability of a device has a lot to do with the frequency of use by the individual.

How Long Does IGET Bar Plus Last
  • 100 puffs per day: lasts 60 days
  • 200 puffs a day: lasts for 30 days
  • 300 puffs per day: lasts for 20 days
  • 500 puffs a day: lasts for 12 days

Note: For optimal vape enjoyment and better maintenance of the device, it is recommended that you replace your device after replacing 5 I GET Pods, up to a maximum of 10 Pods.

IGET Plus VS IGET Bar: Which One Is Best?


IGET Bar and I GET Bar Plus are known for their stylish design and pure flavour. They are all trusted quality vape products.

Whether you choose Bar IGET or Bar Plus IGET, they will live up to your expectations.

If you are still hesitant to buy these two vapes, please check out the table below to know which one to buy.

IGET Bar VS IGET Bar Plus 3

IGET Bar Plus Review Reddit

How to know if IGET 6000 puffs is right for you? Check out what we’ve gathered for you on Reddit!

IGET Bar Plus Reiew Reddit

If you are unsatisfied with the information you have gathered so far, check out the real reviews on IGET Bar!

Linda Holloway

Very happy fast shipping

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good product good delivery

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Fast shipping . Product as described well packaged

5 months ago

Love the Iget bar and flavors was just a bit of a wait with postage but other than that can't go wrong

5 months ago

Great product

6 months ago
aldy vincent

fast delivery, good product

6 months ago

Verdict: Is IGET 6000 Puff Worth Buying?

All in all, IGET 6000 is a high-performance and durable pod vape.

Its rechargeable battery and replaceable pods are the biggest differentiators from other products on the market.

If you are considering buying a new vape, I highly recommend giving IGET 6000 Puff a try. You can buy from the IGET Bar vape shop for only $34.90.

If you buy now, not only do you get the best price, but you also get free shipping. So act before the offer ends.

FAQ About IGET Bar Plus Review

What is the difference between IGET Bar and IGET Bar Plus?

The IGET Bar and IGET Bar Plus differ in five main areas: puff count, coil resistance, e-liquid capacity, battery capacity, and flavor option.
Featuring 12ml of e-liquid and 1500mAh, the IGET Bar is capable of delivering 3500 puffs of vaping. Meanwhile the 1.2ohm coil provides flavour quality assurance for over 30 IGET Bar flavours.
The IGET Bar Plus is packed with 16 ml of e-liquid and a 600 mAh battery that delivers 6000 puffs. Meanwhile, the 1.4-ohm coil effectively and fully heats up the 19+ IGET Bar Plus flavours.

How long do Bar Plus last?

Bar Plus will last approximately 15-30 days. 
However, the exact duration of use depends on your vaping habits, such as vaping frequency.

What is the best IGET model?

IGET Bar 3500 puffs is one of the best disposable vapes. This vape has a long battery life and comes with 30+ flavours.

Can you refill the IGET Bar Plus?

Yes. IGET Bar can be refilled after the e-liquid is completely exhausted.