IGET Bar Plus

The IGET Bar Plus, a new rechargeable IGET vape, can be used with the replaceable IGET Bar Plus Pod for a cost-effective price. The upgraded IGET Bar Plus features 16ml of e-liquid and a 600mAh battery for outstanding battery life.

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Showing all 23 results

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How much nicotine is in the IGET Bar Plus?

IGET Bar Plus contains 5%(50mg/ml) nicotine content.

IGET Bar Plus will last approximately 15-30 days. 

However, the exact duration of use depends on your vaping habits such as vaping frequency.

You don’t need to refill the IGET Bar Plus.

When the IGET Bar Plus flavours runs out, all you need to do is replace the IGET Bar Plus Pods, and you’re back to enjoying the ultimate vaping experience.