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IGET Bar disposable vape collection

Bar Flavours

3500 Puffs | 30 Flavours

IGET Bar Plus kit collection

Bar Plus Flavours

6000 Puffs | 19 Flavours

IGET Bar Plus Pod only collection

Pod Flavours

Bar Plus Refill | 6000 Puffs

iget moon disposable vape collection | IGET Bar

Moon Flavours

5000 Puffs | 20 Flavours

IGET Legend disposable vape collection

Legend Flavours

4000 Puffs | 29 Flavours

IGET B5000 disposable vape collection

B5000 Flavours

5000 Puffs | 13 Flavours

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FAQ About IGET Bars

The IGET Bar 3500 nicotine content is 5%, which means that each milliliter of vape juice contains 50 mg of nicotine. If you just want to enjoy vaping without nicotine, you can choose nicotine free IGET Bar vapes.

According to smokers and vapers, on average, every 10 puffs is equivalent to one cigarette. The IGET Bars have 3500 puffs, leading to the conclusion that one IGET Bar is equivalent to 350 cigarettes.

An IGET Bar lasts approximately 7 to 15 days.

The main ingredients of IGET Bar are Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Glycerin, Flavors and Benzoic Acid. It is important to note that Diacetyl is not contained in the IGET Bar vape.

IGET Bar has a QR verification code on the surface of the product packaging, so if you want to buy the genuine product it is best to do so at a regular online store, such as us. We provide genuine IGET Bar products, and also support online after-sale service.

About IGET Bar vapes

About IGET Bar Shop

At IGET Bar Vape Shop, we specialize in high-quality IGET Bars vapes known for their sleek design and rich flavours. Our diverse range caters to both experienced and new vapers.

With knowledgeable staff and the latest IGET models, we ensure a top-notch vaping experience. Your satisfaction and trust are our priorities, making us your trusted source for premium vaping products and advice.

👉lGET EDGE Kit: 10000 puffs, upgraded mesh coil, dual modes, smart screen, and 16 flavours.

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