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IGET Bar 3500 is the latest product of the disposable vape brand IGET. It broke out from the original IGET Vapes look and changed to this brand new shape and layout design. It’s more boxed making it more comfortable to hold. It’s perfect for any hand size since it’s small and pocketable.

Also, IGET Bar has a wide range of flavour options. All fruity candy and dessert flavours will satisfy every one of your taste buds. The strong sweet flavours that only IGET vapes can provide sound like the best choices. 👉 5 New Top IGET Bar Flavours In 2023

Showing all 30 results

Showing all 30 results

Feb/2023 Hot Selling IGET Bar 3500 Flavours List

peach ice iget bar 3500 flavours
IGET Bar Peach Ice Flavours is the #1 seller in February; you can never go wrong with the flavour.
Blackberry Ice has been called the most amazing taste by our customers
The blended flavor of fruit is sure to satisfy all your needs
Don’t miss this flavor. It’s always a hit

Latest Review Of IGET Bar 3500 Puffs


They shipped it the same day I ordered it, I received it the same week, and I will be getting all my stuff from them from now on

Le strac

Very good-looking, and this is very suitable for me to take out; I like very much

Janno Vino

Good and handy, fast charging

Nicotine IGET Bar 3500 Flavours

Help You Fing You Favourite Flavours 👇

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