IGET Legend

IGET Legend is a high-performance disposable vape offering over 20 selected flavours and 4000 Puffs. No charging, no need to add e-liquid, simple operation and ultimate enjoyment!

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Showing all 27 results


How much nicotine is in a Legend?

IGET Legend has a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg/ml).

Each IGET Legend can deliver 4000 puffs.

IGET Legend 4000 Puffs will last approximately 10-20 days.

However, the exact duration of use depends on your vaping habits such as vaping frequency.

Like the I GET Bar 3500 puffs, the IGET Legend is a non-rechargeable disposable vape. It is easy to vape without recharging!

All you need to do is take the cap off the mouthpiece on the IGET Legend and take a draw to experience the ultimate IGET Legend flavour!