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IGET Bar Not Working

IGET Bar Not Working | 2024 Ultimate Fixing Guide

Have you ever encountered the smooth IGET Bar vaping only to be interrupted by the IGET Bar not working?

Are you considering throwing it away? Don’t ever do that! Here are 6 common ways to save your Bar Vape:

  1. Use a cotton swab to clean the blockage
  2. Put IGET Bar in a cool, dry place
  3. Slow down vaping time
  4. Place it upright
  5. Charge it with a DIY charging cable
  6. Refill e-liquid

If you want more detailed methods to raise your Bar Vape from the dead, don’t miss the graphic analysis below!


Product Display IGET Bar Not Working

Like most disposable vapes, I GET Bar Vapes are inevitably prone to malfunctions. However, most malfunctions can be solved by following some simple steps.

To discover the reasons, the IGET Bar Vape Shop disassembled 5 Bar Vapes. After gathering our team members’ vaping experience, we summarized 6 corresponding solutions.

Therefore, this guide is written to help vapers fix the problem of the IGET Bar not working and ultimately reduce the expense of buying replacements.

6 Reasons For IGET Bar Not Working

Reasons For The IGET Bar Not Working

Based on our abundant vaping experience, we’ve summarized 6 main reasons why this disposable vape is not working.

1. Blockage In Airflow

The blockage obstructed the airflow path, making it appear as if the Rock Bar vape had stopped working.

Actually, you can find the atomizer is still working if you feel the heat on the device.

So there are 2 distinct signs of blockage in airflow: The device is heating, but there is no vapour coming out.

2. Extreme Temperature

The IGET Bars have their own temperature limit, and extreme temperatures beyond this limit may trigger the automatic shutdown of the Bar Vape.

Generally, the optimal temperatures for storing and using disposable vape range from 10℃ to 35℃.

If your device is overheating, getting wet, or even freezing, this could be the main reason why it stops working.

3. Wrong Vaping Ways

The wrong vaping ways may reduce the vaporization efficiency and finally overwhelm the vape heating system. They can be attributed to 2 types:

  • Prolonged vaping time: This causes the atomizer to lack time to vaporize the e-liquid, resulting in no vapour coming out.
  • Upside-down Placement: It would cause the e-liquid to leak from the vape, corroding internal parts and malfunctioning the vape.

4. Low Battery

When the IGET Bar Rock is running on a low battery, its vaporization efficiency is greatly reduced, as if it’s already stopped working.

This situation usually shows a decreased vapour and lessened flavour due to insufficient vaporization power.

5. Drained E-liquid

Whether the e-liquid contains nicotine or is nicotine-free, the BAR Vape will no longer work once it is used up.

As the e-liquid runs out, the atomizer heats up the coils and the wick, causing a burnt taste while vaping.

Sometimes, drained e-liquid can result from leaking. E-liquid leaking usually results from self-disassembly or improper delivery, which can be divided into 2 situations:

  1. Severe leakage can lead to early e-liquid depletion, and e-liquid run-off can corrode metal components, causing the vape to malfunction.
  2. Slightly leaking may result in strange flavours and sticky drops. But it can be fixed by simple disassembling.

6. Broken Atomizer

When the atomizer is damaged, the heating system will not work, so the device will not get hot enough to produce vapour.

Tools Preparation

Before fixing the IGET Bar Vape, let’s go through the tools we need. It’s quite simple with 4 tools:

  1. A pair of pliers
  2. A DIY charging cable
  3. Cotton Swab
  4. Paper Towel

Now, let’s move on to detailed methods of fixing Bar Vape!

How To Fix IGET Bar Not Working

Tools Preparation IGET Bar Not Working

Here are 6 common solutions, and the solutions from 1 to 4 are also the daily maintenance tips for correctly using this vape.

Use A Cotton Swab To Clean The Blockage

Clean Blockage IGET Bar Not Working

1. Use a cotton swab to gently remove the blockage inside the mouthpiece or the air inlet.
2. For some tiny clogging, try removing it with a needle or something thin and sharp.
3. Or you can use a paper towel to remove the dust on the vape

Put IGET Bar In A Cool, Dry Place

Put IGET In A Cool And Dry Place

1. Temperature Range
To minimize the possibility of automatic shutdown, it is recommended to keep the temperature between 10°C and 35°C, with the optimal temperature being 25°C.

2. Humidity & Light
Cool and dry place: Excessive humidity leads to internal metal corrosion, reducing atomization efficiency or even automatic shutdown.
Away from heat sources and direct sunlight: To prevent the vape from overheating and getting automatic shutdown.

Slow Down Vaping Time

Slow Down IGET Bar Vaping Time

Pause between puffs: Try to pause for 4-6 seconds between each puff, giving the atomizer enough time to vaporize the e-liquid into a vape cloud.

Control vaping time: Limit your vaping time to 5-15 minutes, but not for several hours or even overnight, which may burn out the coil.

Place It Upright

Place IGET Bar Upright IGET Bar Not Working

Storage: Hold it upright or horizontally on a platform, minimizing the risk of e-liquid flow out and leaking.

Vaping: Don’t try vaping while lying down, which may lead to e-liquid leaking and corroding the battery system.

Charge It With A DIY Charging Cable

Use DIY Charging Cable To Charge IGET Bar

Generally, we don’t recommend charging this disposable vape for your safety. But it can act as a stopgap until your new vape is arrived.

Remember that any disassembling, charging or refilling is at your own risk. Here’s a quick guide about how to charge IGET Bar vape:

1. Prepare tools (pliers, scissors, power socket, paper towel and a DIY charger)
2. Use pliers to remove the bottom cap
3. Use pliers to take out the battery and tank
4. Connect the DIY charging cable with battery poles and turn on the socket
5. Take 4 times recharges, and each lasts for 1-2 minutes
6. Reassemble the vape

Refill E-liquid

Refill E-Liquid IGET Bar Not Working

Generally, we don’t recommend refilling Bars Vape for 2 reasons:

Device self-limitation: This vape is not designed to be disassembled and refilled, which may mess up components and cause malfunctions.

E-liquid incompatibility: The e-liquids you bought may be incompatible with the Bar Vape atomizers and may not produce the same flavour as prefilled e-liquid.

However, if you are really curious about how to refill it, here are some steps to show you.

We can only help you minimize the risk of e-liquid leaking and burnt taste, but all refilling risks are on your own.

1. Hold the e-liquid tank upright and check the cotton inside
2. Fill the cotton in the tank with a few drops of e-liquid from the bottle
3. Control your frequency to 1-3 drops per second
4. Hold the vape for a while to let the e-liquid fully penetrate into the wick
5. Assembling the vape and enjoy your vaping!

Estimated Cost: 30 AU


  • A pair of pliers
  • A DIY charging cable
  • Cotton Swab
  • Paper Towel

Materials: IGET Bar vape

Why Is My IGET Bar Hissing

Why Is My IGET Bar Hissing
Why Is My IGET Bar Hissing

Why is my IGET Bar light staying on and making noise? This is one of the most common questions among Bar vapers.

When your Bar Vape is hissing, it may result from clogging or malfunctioning sensors.

  • Clogging issues: The sensor is puff-activated successfully, but the clogging blocks the vapour coming out. The air flowed through the narrow part and began hissing.
  • Malfunctioning sensors: If the vape auto-fires without puff activation and makes a hissing noise, the sensor may be damaged.

    1. After auto-activation, the device produced a large amount of vapour.
    2. However, without suction from the user, there are not enough pressure differences to pull the vapour out in time.
    3. So, lots of vapour becomes trapped in the airflow path and is released slowly, resulting in a hissing sound.

IGET Bar Not Working Reddit

In addition to the experience of our team members, we’ve also collected some reviews from vapers on Reddit. Some of them may inspire you to discover some new fixing methods.

IGET Bar Not Working Reddit Former
IGET Bar Not Working Reddit Latter

These comments do not represent the recommendations of IGET Bar Vape Shop.

For more shared experiences about the Bar Vape not working or a new IGET Vape not working, have a look at them on Reddit.

IGET Legend Not Working

Plug DIY Charging Cable Into The Power Source

As another hot-sale IGET Vape, the IGET Legend uses methods similar to the I GET Bar Vape to fix non-working problems.

  1. Use a cotton swab to clear the obstruction
  2. Store the vape in a cool, dry location
  3. Regulate the duration and frequency of vaping
  4. Position it in an upright orientation
  5. Recharge it with a DIY charging cable
  6. Top up the e-liquid

For more information about fixing the IGET Legend’s low battery, please read the following guide. It will answer the question of how to recharge a IGET Legend in detail.


If you have more advice on fixing this vape or you find your new IGET Disposable Vape not working, don’t hesitate to contact customer service or leave a comment.

Remember that correct usage and good maintenance are the most efficient ways to avoid the IGET Bars puffs not working.

Next time you encounter similar vaping issues, remember that IGET Bar Vape Shop always provides you with a quick guide!

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How do I get my IGET bar to work again?

The problem of the Bars Vape not working can result from various situations. To fix the Bar Vape, please try the following steps:

1. Use a cotton swab to clean the blockage
2. Put the vape in a cool, dry place
3. Cut down vaping time and slow down the frequency
4. Place the vape upright
5. Charge the IGET Vape Bar with a DIY charging cable
6. Refill e-liquid in the vape wick

Why did my disposable vape stop working when I just got it?

The new disposable vape usually stops working due to a quality or delivery problem. These are some common reasons:

1. Clogging inside obstructed the airflow path
2. Direct sunlight or heat sources cause the e-liquid to decompose early
3. The vape is being placed upside down but not upright
4. The vaping time is too long for the atomizer to continually working
5. Improper shipping results in cracks in the device, leading to device failure or severe e-liquid leakage

Why is my brand new vape not hitting?

ome vapers are curious about the brand new disposable vape not working problem. It is usually due to the following reasons:

1. Clogging or water residue blocked the vapour coming out
2. Severe leaking leads to insufficient e-liquid to support the device’s working
3. You haven’t held the vape upright to allow e-liquid penetrated to the coil
4. Cracking during the delivery malfunctioning the vape

If you find these methods do not work, please contact customer service to check if it is a delivery problem.

Why is my vape lighting up but not hitting?

A vape lighting up indicates that the battery system is working normally. When it’s lighting up but not hitting, it may be due to the atomizer problem, sensor malfunctions or clogging issues.

1. Atomizer problem: The atomizer is not functioning smoothly due to atomizer damage.
2. Sensor malfunctions: The sensor is not able to correctly recognize the puff activation.
3. Clogging issues: The clogging blocked the vapour coming out.