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IGET Bar Plus Not Working

IGET Bar Plus Not Working: 2024 Most Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever encountered that the IGET Bar Plus suddenly goes “on strike” while you haven’t finished using the first prefilled pod?

When you find it hard to fix IGET Bar Plus not working, maybe you want to throw it away. But don’t give up just yet! Your vape may still be alive with these 9 quick methods!

  1. Take off the protective label on the pod
  2. Clean Clogging
  3. Charge with a type-C charging cable
  4. Replace the Bar Plus pod
  5. Place in a cool and dry place
  6. Place it upright
  7. Deactivate the Bar Plus child lock 
  8. Slow Down Vaping frequency
  9. Away from high magnetic condition

If you don’t want to waste this pod vape that can be continued for a few more months, then don’t miss the detailed graphic guide below!


In the past 3 months, I’ve used up 6 IGET Bar Plus pods to do a comprehensive review. After fixing several times of malfunctions, I have summarized 9 reasons for the device failure.

In this guide, I will not only unveil the reasons behind device malfunctions but also help you with simple troubleshooting efficiently! Just follow me to dive into this vape!

Product Display IGET Bar Plus Not Working

9 Reasons For Bar Plus Not Working

Here is my compiled list of 9 reasons why is my IGET Bar Plus not working, which is based on the Reddit discussion and my practice.

To simplify your troubleshooting, I’ve ranked these 9 reasons in the order of check difficulty. Let’s begin with the easiest one: the protective seals!

1. Unripped protective seals

Unripped Protective Seals IGET Bar Plus Not Working

When manufactured, the IGET Bar pods come with a protective seal and stopper.

If the seal is not peeled off, the pod can’t be tightly connected to the battery base’s contacts. Thus, the battery power cannot reach the pod, and the vape will not be activated.

2. Clogging

Clogging IGET Bar Plus Not Working

The cloggings blocked in different parts can lead to varying degrees of malfunction.

In the mouthpiece: It blocks airflow in and out, preventing the sensor from being puff-activated.
(The soft stopper in the mouthpiece can also cause this situation if not removed).
In the conductive hole: It may block the battery power transporting to the pod and fail to activate the battery.
In the charging port: It can prevent the vape from charging, causing a low battery and rendering it not working.

3. Loose magnetic connection

Loose Magnetic Connection IGET Bar Plus Not Working

The I GET pod is connected to the battery by the magnetic contacts above the battery base.

If you happen to put it near a powerful magnet or in a high magnetic environment, the magnetic contact will lose its force.

The loose magnetic connection renders the battery power fail to reach the pod, leading to device malfunction.

If you want to know how to use IGET Bar Plus, here is also a review with detailed usage method:

4. Low Battery

Low Battery IGET Bar Plus Not Working

When the vape is in low battery, it is unable to support the atomizer working, leading to reduced vapour, lessened flavour and a lack of heat.

It should be mentioned that these signals may also result from insufficient e-liquid, which requires you to read on to learn extra identification tips.

5. Insufficient E-Liquid

Insufficient E-Liquids IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Generally, one Bar Plus pod with 6000 puffs can support 12-25 days of vaping. But for heavy users or deep-puffing chasers, this period will be less.

When the e-liquid level is low, the atomizer lacks a source to vaporize, leading to lessened vapour production, reduced flavour and a burnt taste.

You may mistake this situation as the vape atomizer not working, but actually, the atomizer works. This vape just needs a new pod to get alive again.

To distinguish between low e-liquid and low battery, you can check for a burnt taste while vaping.

When there is not enough e-liquid, the atomizer begins to heat the coil and wick, which causes a burnt taste. However, a low battery may not provide enough power to heat the e-liquid fully.

6. E-Liquid Leakage

E-Liquid Leakage IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Serious IGET Bar Plus leaking can cause premature e-liquid depletion, which in turn fails to support the atomizer’s heating and potentially corrodes the battery components.

Most pod leaks occur due to cracking during improper delivery, accidentally dropping the ground, or exposure to high-pressure environments such as aeroplanes.

The e-liquid leaking situation is usually accompanied by a sticky feeling on your hands or a sweet flavour while vaping.

7. Child Lock False Activation

Child Lock False Activation IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Some manufacturers offer Bar Plus with a child lock design. The IGET Bar Plus lock mode may be activated for safety before shipping and requires you to unlock it before use.

With the child lock activated, the airflow sensor inside is blocked out, and the vape cannot be puff-activated.

8. Overuse In Vaping

Overuse in Vaping IGET Bar Plus Not Working

If you vape too quickly, the atomizer may not keep up with your pace, leading to slow and thin vapour production or even no vapour.

At the same time, the prolonged vaping time causes the vape to overheat, which may trigger an automatic shutdown or coil burning.

9. Extreme Environment

Extreme Environment IGET Bar Plus Not Working
Temperature: IGET Plus has optimal storage and usage temperatures between 10°C and 35°C, exceeding which may cause automatic shutdown.
Humidity: Too high humidity may cause the Bar Plus battery to corrode and prevent the battery power from transporting successfully.
Light: The Bar Plus pod requires to be stored in a place that avoids direct sunlight. Otherwise, the e-liquid inside the pod is prone to decompose quickly and cause flavour loss.
Air pressure: Too high air pressure can cause the Bar Plus pod e-liquid to leak from the pod base. Finally, the e-liquid will be depleted, and the battery will also be corroded.

How To Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

After figuring out the reasons behind the malfunctions, let’s go through my quick troubleshooting tips ahead!

Fixing Case IGET Bar Plus Not Working
How to fix Bar Plus not working
Here are 9 ways to solve the problem of not working, which are also ranked in the order of operation difficulty.
Take Off the Protective Label On The Pod
Take Off the Protective Label on the Pod Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Use your hands to peel off the protective seal directly and remove the white stopper in the mouthpiece.

Then, insert the pod into the device to check if there is a white flashing light at the bottom of the vape.

If so, it indicates the pod is connected to the battery, and you can start vaping.

Clean Clogging
Clean Clogging Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Use a cotton swab or soft brush to gently remove clogging from the mouthpiece, magnetic contacts on the battery base, and charging port.

When the clogging is removed, try inserting the pod again to check if it works with a white flashing light.

Be careful not to damage the contacts of the battery base and charging port, which may malfunction the battery power transportation.
Do not rub it with water or detergent, which may damage the electronic components and lead to battery malfunction.
Stay Away From High Magnetic Conditions
Stay Away From High Magnetic Conditions Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

To avoid demagnetization between the battery base and the pod, remember these 2 suggestions:

  • Don’t place the strong magnets with this vape
  • Keep the vape away from highly magnetic environments
Charge With A Type-C Charging Cable

When the battery is low, you need to follow the detailed steps for charging this vape:

1. Prepare Type-C cable, charger and power supply
2. Connect the vape charging port to the Type-C charging cable
3. Plug In the charger with the power supply
4. Check if there is a constant white light at the bottom
5. Wait for 30 to 60 minutes to charge fully
6. Timely unplug and examine your device
Charge With a Type-C Charging Cable Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

To optimal the battery status, I’ve also summarized 4 safety precaution tips during my charging operations in the past 3 months:

1. Remove the pod in advance: To avoid pod overheating and e-liquid decomposition, remove the pod from the device before charging.
2. No aging charging cable: It causes problems like slow charging, fast power consumption, or even the IGET Bar Plus not charging at all.
3. Limit charging time: Recommended charging time for this vape is around 30-60 minutes
4. Monitor overheating: If the vape overheats, unplug the charger to cool down. It increases the overall charging time but improves the battery status.

For more detailed IGET Bar Plus charging instructions, please read the following guide:

Replace The Bar Plus Pod
Replace the Bar Plus Pod Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Here are 3 simple steps to replace a new Bar Plus pod with this vape:

1. Insert new pod: Simply insert the new pod into the battery base. The magnetic contact will firmly connect them.
2. Check the bottom light indicator: If you see a flashing white light while inserting the pod, it indicates that the replacement is complete
3. Turn on IGET Bar Plus Vape: There is no IGET Bar Plus firing button on the device. Just inhale a little to the mouthpiece, and the vape is activated.

It is not recommended to refill this pod as it is a single unit. Any disassembly or refilling may damage the internal atomizer parts and cause the pod to malfunction.

But if you want to satisfy your curiosity, you can also read the article about how to refill IGET Bar Plus.

1. Replacement Frequency

Considering the average vaping frequency, it is recommended to replace the pod after 12 to 25 days of use.

2. Replacement Times

The optimal pod replacing times is 5, with a maximum of 10.

After replacing the pod 5 times, the device’s aging battery may fail to maintain the optimal atomization status, leading to diminishing flavour.
If the pod has been replaced 5-10 times or more, we recommend purchasing a new vape kit for optimal battery status and flavour.

To ensure the optimal flavour while vaping, we also recommend regularly replacing your pods.

With over 19 Bar Plus flavours to choose from, the Bar Plus pod provide you with a diverse vaping experience in long-term pod replacement.

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If you’re clueless about choosing the IGET pod flavours, I suggest you read this flavours review for a better purchasing decision:

Place It Upright
Place It Upright Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

To prevent e-liquid leakage from the mouthpiece of the vape, it is advised to keep it in a vertical position. Using it upside down can cause the leakage to accelerate.

We also don’t recommend vaping while lying down, as this leads to the vape turning upside down, causing the e-liquid to leak out of the mouthpiece.

Deactivate The Bar Plus Child Lock
Deactivate the IGET Bar Plus Child Lock Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Here are the IGET Bar Plus child lock instructions I’ve summarized in vaping:

To activate or deactivate the child lock of this vape, just insert and remove the pod from the vape and repeat this process 3 times in 3 seconds.

Light SignalsWhen Re-insert PodBattery Status
Activate Child LockFlashing red 2 timesNo lightNot working
Cancel Child LockFlashing white 2 timesFlashing white lightWorking
  • Many tutorials recommend that this process be controlled in less than 3 seconds.
  • But in practice, I found completing it in less than a second gives the highest success rate.
Slow Down Vaping Frequency

To help you get a better idea of a moderate vaping speed, I’ve summarized the average time at which vapour is produced and stays in the air.

  • Vapour generation: 1-3 seconds
  • Vapour retention: 3-6 seconds
Slow Down Vaping Frequency Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

As a result, it is advisable to wait for 4-6 seconds between each puff when using a vape. It allows the vape atomizer to cool down before the next puff.

By doing so, the vapour can be cooled down before it reaches your throat, resulting in a smoother vaping experience.

Remember, it’s strongly not recommended to vape for several hours at a time or even overnight. It also causes overheating and the vape to malfunction.

Place In a Cool And Dry Place
Place in a Cool and Dry Place Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Put it in a dry and cool place that avoids direct sunlight. Here are 4 factors you should take into consideration:

Temperature: 10°C – 35°C is the suitable range for storing and vaping the IGET 6000, with 25°C being the optimal temperature.
Humidity: To prevent Bar Plus battery circuit failures, it is better to maintain humidity below 40% and avoid places exceeding 60% humidity.
Air pressure: We advise not taking Bar Plus Vape on the plane to avoid leaking due to high air pressure.
Avoid direct sunlight: It is to prevent the Bar Plus pod e-liquid from being decomposed by direct sunlight.

IGET Bar Plus Not Working Reddit

Here are some reviews I picked up from Reddit. According to the experience of many vapers, most of the Bar Plus malfunctions result from child lock and charging problems.

Here are some checking and fixing ways that are proved by some vapers in the Reddit community.

IGET Bar Plus Not Working Reddit Former
IGET Bar Plus Not Working Reddit Latter


Have you discovered the causes of your Bar Plus malfunctions? Why not practice the troubleshooting steps to save your vape right now?

If you have any more fixing suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment. Next time you come across other vaping issues, IGET Bar vape shop always offers a guide for you!

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Why is nothing coming out of my IGET Bar Plus?

If you find there is no vapour coming out of your Bar Plus Vape, it’s probably resulting from these reasons:

  1. The protective seal on the pod prevents the activation
  2. Clogging blocked airflow in the mouthpiece or power transportation of conductive hole or charging port
  3. Low battery fails to support atomizer working
  4. Insufficient e-liquid leads to lessened vapour
  5. Child lock mode blocks the activation sensor