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IGET Bar Plus Not Working

IGET Bar Plus Not Working: 9 Key Reasons

Have you ever encountered that the IGET Bar Plus suddenly goes “on strike” while you haven’t finished using the first prefilled pod? If your IGET Bar Plus not working, try these 9 quick fixes:

  1. Take off the protective label on the pod
  2. Clean Clogging
  3. Charge with a type-C charging cable
  4. Replace the Bar Plus pod
  5. Place in a cool and dry place
  6. Place it upright
  7. Deactivate the Bar Plus child lock
  8. Slow Down Vaping frequency
  9. Away from high magnetic condition

If you don’t want to waste this pod vape that can be continued for a few more months, then don’t miss the detailed graphic guide below!


Over the last three months, I’ve gone through 6 IGET Bar Plus pods for an in-depth review. After fixing numerous malfunctions, I’ve identified 9 reasons behind device failures. In this guide, I’ll reveal the causes of these malfunctions and offer straightforward troubleshooting tips. Follow along to get the most out of your vape!
Product Display IGET Bar Plus Not Working

9 Reasons For Bar Plus Not Working

Based on Reddit discussions and my experience, I’ve identified 9 common reasons why the IGET Bar Plus fails, organized from easiest to hardest to check. First up: protective seals.

1. Unripped protective seals Unripped Protective Seals IGET Bar Plus Not Working

IGET Bar pods have a protective seal and stopper when made. If the seal isn’t removed, the pod won’t connect well with the battery base contacts, stopping power from reaching the pod and preventing the vape from activating.

How to fix it:

  • Remove the protective seal and stopper in the mouthpiece.
  • Check for a white flashing light at the bottom indicating a good connection.

2. Clogging Clogging IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Clogs in different parts of the Bar Plus can cause malfunctions. Clogs in the mouthpiece block airflow, stopping puff-activation (a mouthpiece stopper, if not removed, can also cause this).

In the conductive hole, clogs prevent battery power from reaching the pod, failing to activate it. Clogs in the charging port stop the vape from charging, leading to a low battery and non-functioning device.

Way to fix it:

  • Use a cotton swab or soft brush on the mouthpiece, battery contacts, and charging port.
  • Avoid water or detergents to prevent damage.

3. Loose magnetic connection Loose Magnetic Connection IGET Bar Plus Not Working

The I GET pod connects to the battery through magnetic contacts above the battery base. Exposure to a powerful magnet or a high magnetic environment weakens this connection. A weakened magnetic connection prevents battery power from reaching the pod, causing the device to malfunction.

Avoiding Demagnetization: Keep away from strong magnets and highly magnetic environments.

4. Low Battery Low Battery IGET Bar Plus Not Working

When the vape has a low battery, it can’t support the atomizer properly, resulting in reduced vapour, weaker flavour, and lack of heat. These issues could also stem from insufficient e-liquid, so further identification tips are necessary to diagnose the problem correctly.

Charging Steps:

  • Use a Type-C cable, charger, and power supply.
  • Charge for 30-60 minutes and avoid overheating.

5. Insufficient E-Liquid Insufficient E-Liquids IGET Bar Plus Not Working

A Bar Plus pod with 6000 puffs typically lasts 12-25 days but less for heavy users or those who take deep puffs.

Low e-liquid levels mean the vape pod can’t vaporize properly, leading to reduced vapour and flavour, plus a burnt taste. This might seem like the atomizer is broken, but a new pod can solve the issue.

6. E-Liquid Leakage E-Liquid Leakage IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Severe IGET Bar Plus leaks can lead to early e-liquid loss, affecting the atomizer’s heating capability and possibly corroding battery parts.

Leaks often result from damage during shipping, accidental drops, or high-pressure environments like aeroplanes. You’ll typically notice leaks by a sticky sensation on your hands or a sweet taste while vaping.

7. Child Lock False Activation Child Lock False Activation IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Some manufacturers offer Bar Plus with a child lock design. The IGET Bar Plus lock mode may be activated for safety before shipping and requires you to unlock it before use.

With the child lock activated, the airflow sensor inside is blocked out, and the vape cannot be puff-activated.

8. Overuse In Vaping Overuse in Vaping IGET Bar Plus Not Working

If you vape too quickly, the atomizer may not keep up with your pace, leading to slow and thin vapour production or even no vapour. At the same time, the prolonged vaping time causes the vape to overheat, which may trigger an automatic shutdown or coil burning.

Vaping Speed and Safety:

  • Wait 4-6 seconds between puffs for a smoother experience.
  • Avoid continuous use to prevent overheating.

9. Extreme Environment Extreme Environment IGET Bar Plus Not Working

  • Temperature: Optimal between 10°C and 35°C; extremes can cause shutdowns.
  • Humidity: High levels may corrode the battery, affecting power transfer.
  • Light: Avoid direct sunlight to prevent e-liquid decomposition and flavour loss.
  • Air Pressure: Excessive pressure can lead to e-liquid leaks and battery corrosion.

Store and use at 10°C – 35°C, with less than 40% humidity, away from direct sunlight and high air pressure environments.

How To Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working

Deactivate the IGET Bar Plus Child Lock Fix IGET Bar Plus Not Working Here are the IGET Bar Plus child lock instructions I’ve summarized in vaping:

To activate or deactivate the child lock of this vape, just insert and remove the pod from the vape and repeat this process 3 times in 3 seconds.

  • Many tutorials recommend that this process be controlled in less than 3 seconds.
  • But in practice, I found completing it in less than a second gives the highest success rate.

IGET Bar Plus Not Working Reddit

Here are some reviews I picked up from Reddit. According to the experience of many vapers, most of the Bar Plus malfunctions result from child lock and charging problems. Here are some checking and fixing ways that are proved by some vapers in the Reddit community.

IGET Bar Plus Not Working Reddit Former

IGET Bar Plus Not Working Reddit Latter


Have you discovered the causes of your Bar Plus malfunctions? Why not practice the troubleshooting steps to save your vape right now? If you have any more fixing suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Next time you come across other vaping issues, IGET vape shop always offers a guide for you! Subscribe to us for more vaping guides to help you obtain a hassle-free vaping experience.