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How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty Cover

How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty | 6 Clear Signals

Are you worried about a halfway interruption to mess up your whole vaping vibe due to an empty IGET Bar? So, how to know when IGET Bar is empty vape?

No worries, here are 6 signals that indicate the Bar Vape is almost empty, which will help remove your anxiety and keep your Bars Vape experience smooth:

  1. The indicator light blinks blue
  2. Less vapour when inhaling
  3. The colour of the cotton wick gets light yellow
  4. Weak flavour and burnt taste
  5. Gurgling sounds when inhaling
  6. Weakened throat hit when inhaling

Read on for detailed signals, and it’s just like you as a vape doctor examining your vape, you will never be caught off guard by an empty IGET again.


How Do You Know When IGET Bar Is Empty

Welcome to this guide designed to steer you to know precisely when the IGET Bar Vape is almost empty. Say bye to unexpected interruptions in your vaping pleasure.

Drawing from my partner’s and my experiences – we used up 10 IGET Vapes in 6 six months and kept a detailed record of the signals of each Bar Vape we exhausted.

It prompted me to discover some tips to identify when the Bar is empty. So, I pen down this article and contribute to keeping your vaping experience enjoyable and smooth.

Now, get ready to transform uncertainty into confidence with every flavourful puff.

How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty Juice

How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty

When you find the vape is empty, it’s time to change a new IGET Bar to go on vaping. But how do you know when the IGET Vape is empty?

Below, I summarize 6 main ways to check if your vape is empty. Keep reading to discover what they are.

How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty Disposable Vape

I got 6 key methods covered: three for observation, one for tasting, one for listening, and a way to feel. Let’s dive right into each of them to know if a nicotine IGET Vape is empty.

The Indicator Light Blinks Blue
The Indicator Light Blinks Blue

When the I GET Puff Bar starts flashing a blue light 5-10 times rhythmically at the bottom as you take a draw, it signals that the e-liquid level is low.

Less vapour when inhaling

Less Vapour When Inhaling
Less Vapour When Inhaling

If you turn on your device and feel it’s heating up, but less vapour or no vapour comes out when you inhale, it could indicate that the e-liquid is running low or out.

Because vapes can’t produce more vapour when there’s not enough e-liquid, if you notice that it is producing less vapour, it may be time to replace it.

The colour of the cotton wick gets light yellow

The Colour Of The Cotton Wick Gets Light Yellow
The Colour Of The Cotton Wick Gets Light Yellow

If you find the colour of the cotton wick is light yellow or even white, it means there’s not enough e-liquid, and the cotton gets dry.

How to find a cotton wick? You need a tool like a pair of pliers to help you open your Bar.

  • First, hold the Bar body with one hand. With your other hand, take the pliers and clamp the bottom joint of the vape.
  • Next, gently pull the pliers back and forth until the bottom lid is successfully removed.

This process might take a few minutes, and it’s crucial to be careful.

If you want to know more detailed steps to open a Bar Vape, the article on how to open an IGET Bar will be a good guide for your reference.

Weak flavour and burnt taste

Weak Flavour And Burnt Taste
Weak Flavour And Burnt Taste

Weak Flavour

Do you feel like your vape flavour is thinner than it used to be? If the flavour changes or the taste is not as strong, it may indicate that the e-liquid is running out.

Because the e-liquid is mostly consumed and the cotton wick is close to drying out, the Bar’s flavour fades.

Burnt Taste

Based on our record of vaping, typically, a vape’s battery always runs out before you’ve used up all the e-liquid, which is to ensure the safety of vaping.

If the e-liquid is drained but there is still plenty of power left, then the atomizer heats the cotton directly with no e-liquid in it, resulting in a burnt flavour.

So, if you taste burnt metal and a charred odour while vaping, this means that the e-liquid has run out.

Gurgling sounds when inhaling

Gurgling Sounds
Gurgling Sounds

If you hear an unusual gurgling sound while inhaling, it’s like a sign from your vape saying, “Hey, my e-liquid is running low.”

This occurs if, with the e-liquid flow, the wick is not receiving enough e-liquid, which can lead to incomplete vaporization and the production of gurgling sounds.

Gurgling is a precursor to potential dry hits, and it alerts you to refill the e-liquid to prevent dry hits.

Weakened throat hit when inhaling

Weakened Throat Hit When Inhaling
Weakened Throat Hit When Inhaling

If you’re feeling a gentler throat hit when vaping, it couldn’t give you a strong throat hit ever. That means now it’s an almost empty vape.

When the e-liquid is too low, it means that not enough nicotine reaches the coils, which reduces the overall concentration of nicotine in the vapour and diminishes the throat hit.

The PG in the e-liquid also affects the throat hit. As e-liquid decreases, the PG decreases, and the throat hit strength also decreases.


When inhaling is no longer effortless, and you need a bit of a challenge, consider it to be a signal that your device is running empty.

How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty Reddit

How to know When IGET Bar Is Empty Reddit

Now, let’s see how other vapers from Reddit know when the Vape Bar is empty. Please read the excerpt below.

If you want to know more tips, please check on Reddit.

How To Know If An IGET Bar Is Dead

How To Know If An IGET Bar Is Dead
How To Know If An IGET Bar Is Dead
  • Blinking Blue Light Continuously
    Some Bars lights will change colour or blink to indicate a low battery or low e-liquid level.
    When the battery is dead, the Bar Vape will blink blue light continuously during or after you take puffs, and the blinking light will indicate that it has run out of battery.
  • Blinking Slowly
    When you notice that the indicator blue light is dim or even slowly down, it signals that the battery is running low, indicating it’s time to recharge.
  • No Response
    If you’re drawing but have no response from your vape, no light blinks no warm. It means your battery is done. If you are experiencing the above issue, read the post: How to recharge a disposable IGET Bar vape?

Dead IGET Bar VS Empty IGET Bar

How to know your Bar is empty or dead is challenging. The following table is designed to help you have quicker determination:

PerformanceDead IGET Vape Bar Empty IGET Vape Bar
Diminished FlavourNoYes
Blue Light BlinksYesYes
Blinks SlowlyYesNo
Gurgling SoundsNoYes
No Vapour ProductionYesYes
No Response to DrawsYesNo

The table clearly shows us that the differences allow us to directly identify whether a Bar Vape is experiencing a power drain or an e-liquid empty.

However, when the signals are the same, additional exploration becomes necessary to determine whether it’s a power drain or an e-liquid empty:

  • Continual flashing of the blue light indicates that the vape is depleted of power, while a series of 5-10 flashes signals the absence of e-liquid.
  • The less vapour can be attributed to either a lack of power or insufficient e-liquid.

In such cases, other methods, such as listening for gurgling sounds, tasting the flavour, and checking the cotton wick’s colour, identify whether a power drain or the e-liquid is empty.

How To Correctly Dispose Of Your IGET Vape Once It Is Finished?

Dispose Of Your IGET
Dispose Of Your IGET

If your vapes IGET Bar has gone through a lot of methods and is no longer workable. Next, let’s look at how to dispose of an empty IGET Vape properly.

  1. Google Local E-Waste Collection Place: Various states have established collection and recycling programs for e-waste.

    So, google your local organization for collection events or designated e-waste drop-off points.

    Like a recycling platform ANZRP, it creates and manages complete, sustainable e-waste solutions.
  2. Separate Components: If applicable, you can dismantle the IGET, such as the battery and the e-liquid container.

    Recycle the plastic, throw away anything contaminated with chemicals in a Non-recyclable trash bin, and drop the battery at a recycling centre.

    This helps ensure the proper recycling or disposal of each part.
  3. Dispose of Vape at a Vape Shop: If your Vape is from your local vape store, it’s more convenient to go there and ask for help to dispose of your dead vape.

    Shoppers will dispose of your vape more professionally.

Anyway, it’s crucial to put proper disposal methods to minimize environmental impact and comply with local regulations.

How To Tell If IGET Vape Has Nicotine

How To Tell If IGET vape Has Nicotine

Now, you already know how to tell when an IGET Bar is empty, but how to tell if your IGET Bar has nicotine?

I listed some methods that can check if the vape contains nicotine below:

Vaping Experience

The easiest way to tell is based on the vaping experience, and the following is a brief description of the difference between the vaping experience of nicotine and nicotine-free vapes

Nicotine sensation:
Let’s assume you are using a 5% nicotine-concentration vape. When you take a puff, you may feel a slight throat hit, which depends on your nicotine sensitivity.

Nicotine-free sensation:
Conversely, if you are using a nicotine-free (0 mg/mL) vape, the throat sensation may be smoother, and the throat hit may be less or even not felt.

Read the Product Description

If you’re purchasing online, check the product description below the vape item, as some sellers include details about the vape ingredients, including nicotine content.

Ask the Seller

If you’re purchasing from a physical store, it’s convenient that you can ask the sales directly about the nicotine content of your ideal vape.


All in all, these methods help you how to know when Vape Bars are empty. Stay alert to these signs for a satisfying vaping experience.

What’s more, another great way to ensure uninterrupted vaping pleasure is always to have a spare I GET Bar vape within reach.

FAQ: How To Know When IGET Bar Is Empty

How long does an IGET Bar usually last?

An I GET Bar typically lasts 7-15 days based on user feedback.
With 3500 puffs and an average equivalence of 10 puffs to a cigarette, it’s estimated to be equivalent to about 350 cigarettes.

How many puffs are actually in an IGET Bar?

The IGET Bar Disposable Vape offers 3500 puffs with a 12mL E-liquid Capacity.

How do you know when disposable vape runs out?

Identifying an empty disposable vape is easy: reduced vapour and weaker flavour signal low e-liquid levels.