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How To Open IGET Bar Cover

How To Open IGET Bar: 5 Practical Steps Unlock Success

Are you troubled by how to open IGET Bar but unable to take it apart successfully?

We’ll provide safe and practical instructions to help you open it for recharging or refilling. Let’s check the five main steps below:

  1. Prepare a Bar vape, pliers and paper towels.
  2. Grab the pliers to squeeze the bottom.
  3. Slowly pull the bottom lid back and forth.
  4. Keep and hold pulling for a while.
  5. Successfully open and take out the internals.

Please note that you have to take the safety risk of opening the device. Follow this detailed guide to unlock success safely!

Introduction Of IGET Bar

Introduction Of How To Open IGET Bar

IGET Bar is an outstanding disposable vape with an outer case, mouthpiece, battery, atomizer, and bottom lid.

We took five Bars vapes apart and did experiments six times to meet your curiosity about the internal structure and special needs like recharging or refilling.

Typically, it’s not advised to open it since it’s a disposable vape. You are very likely to face safety hazards. The results and potential safety risks are at your own selves.

Can You Take Apart The IGET Bar?

Can You Take Apart IGET Bar

If you are curious about the structure of the IGET Puff Bar, the best choice is to read this article with an explanation. No need to operate in person at risk.

However, if you open the vape for refilling or recharging, we don’t suggest taking it apart as it’s a disposable vape and not meant to be refilled.

If you insist on opening the device yourself, you may damage the heating system and even encounter hazards.

Therefore, be sure to read the detailed instructions below, which have been well-concluded from many tests to ensure your safety.

How To Open IGET Bar: Practical And Safe

To ensure your safety, we’ve tested many times personally and filmed a video showing you how to open the IGET Bar in detail.

Also, for better display and guide, we provide a step-by-step explanation with pictures meanwhile!

Pliers To Open IGET Bar

Please note that follow our steps and instructions to keep your safety and protect the IGET Bar 3500.

Prepare a Bar vape, pliers and paper towels

Paper Towels For Leakage Or Not Slipping

A smooth process starts with tool preparation. Before taking apart the vape, you have to gather the necessary tools, including a Bar vape, pliers with sharp tips, and paper towels.

Find pliers on hand in your house with sharp tips for pulling out the bottom lid and taking out the internals.

Paper towels
Place some paper towels and tools under the vape in case of leakage or to prevent slipping while opening.

Grab the pliers to squeeze the bottom

Grab The Pliers To Squeeze The Bottom

Use one hand to tightly grab the vape, during which you may wrap the device with prepared paper towels to prevent slipping.

With the other hand, grab the pliers and squeeze the lid. With pulling and squeezing hard, it’s not avoidable to make scratches on the lid.

During the process, be careful not to damage the airflow on the bottom lid. Also, watch out for your hands while pulling the lid out. Don’t hurt yourself.

Slowly pull the bottom lid back and forth

Pull The Bottom Lid Back And Forth

It may be hard to pull the lid for new IGET Bars or those that have never been opened, so it would take some time to pull it out.

In this case, you can grab the pliers and pull the bottom lid back and forth slowly, which will loosen the joint between the case and lid faster.

We have to inform you that squeezing and pulling with the pliers may cause scratches on the lid or case, but it’s not avoidable.

Keep and hold pulling for a while

Keep Pulling And Groove Enlarges

The process of squeezing and pulling the lid back and forth may last for a while, during which you need to be patient and stick to opening.

If you pull hard, the groove between the case and the lid will gradually enlarge. Meanwhile, more deep scratches may appear.

Once the groove of the joint loosens and enlarges, you’re likely to open it soon.

Successfully open and take out the internals.

Open IGET Bar And Take Out Internals

Finally, the lid is successfully removed, and you open your vapes. Then, you can take out the internals with the sharp-tip pliers.

If you want to continue your vaping, don’t forget to assemble the device correctly.

Estimated Cost: 20 AU


  • A Bar vape
  • A pliers with sharp tips
  • Some paper towels

Materials: IGET Bar vape

How To Open IGET Bar Without Pliers?

Reading this, you may be eager to open your vapes only to find no pliers at home. Don’t worry, and we’ve made a plan B for you!

To replace the important pliers, you need to find a flathead screwdriver or a knife. Then, you can follow the instructions below to open the vape.

Flathead To Open IGET Bar
① Find a flathead screwdriver or a knife to replace the pliers.
Insert The Flathead Into Bottom Lid
② Insert the flathead screwdriver into the bottom lid and make a bit groove.
Use Flathead Screwdriver Tip To Pry The Groove
③ Use the flat tip of the flathead screwdriver to pry the groove.
Open And Take Out The Internals Without Pliers
④ Successfully open and take out the internals.

How To Open IGET Bar Reddit?

How To Open IGET Bar Reddit

We’ve shown you all the instructions about how to open the IGET Bar from our several tests. And more ways to open definitely benefit you a lot in real cases.

Therefore, we found more ways to open IGETs Bars from Reddit on user comments. You can also refer to their ideas at the same time.

How To Recharge IGET Bar 3500?

How To Recharge IGET Bar 3500
How To Recharge IGET Bar 3500

The ultimate purpose of opening the vape may lie in recharging this disposable vape for a longer vape, but we have to warn of the safety risks of opening it, and it’s not advised to take it apart.

Still, there are effortless steps to recharge your Bar vapes. Follow these steps below, and you’ll make it:

  1. Prepare tools (pliers, scissors, power socket, paper towel and a DIY charger)
  2. Open a Bar vape with pliers
  3. Take out the battery and tank
  4. Connect the red wire of the DIY charging cable to the red end of the battery and the blue wire to the other end of it. Turn on the socket.
  5. Four time recharges, 1-2 minutes each.
  6. Reassemble it after recharging.

You don’t have to recharge your Bar vapes with an Android or Samsung charger. How to recharge IGET Bar 3500? A DIY cable can achieve it.

Why Is My IGET Bar Not Working?

Why Is My IGET Bar Not Working

Vaping with the bar vape may face issues. We found some common problems users might encounter and provided solutions for smooth vaping.

Mouthpiece blockExamine the mouthpiece and airflow and use a cotton swab to remove gently.
Depleted batteryRecharge may cause hassles. It’s better to replace it with a new one.
No e-liquid or leakageWipe it off with a clean cloth. If there’s no e-juice or leaks internally, replace it with a new one soon.
Damaged heating systemStore your device in a safe place away from warmth. If it has happened, replacing the device is advisable.

If you want to know more details about why is my IGET Bar not working, then this useful article below will help you.

How To Open IGET Bar Plus?

IGET Bar Plus Charging Times

You may also get the upgraded version of this vape, and wonder how to open IGET Bar Plus after learning how to open IGET Bar vapes.

IGET Bar Plus is rechargeable, working with the IGET Bar Plus Pod. Hold the cartridge and pull it out so that you can open it and separate it from the device.

Once you run out of e-liquid, you don’t have to refill the IGET Bar Plus. Just swap a new pod into the device.


To open Bar vapes is challenging, but you can still unlock success with our practical instructions.

It’s highly recommended to replace a new one instead of opening the vape at risk. Come to the IGET Bar Vape Shop to unlock more flavours.

FAQ About How To Open IGET Bar

How many puffs are actually in an Bar vape?

The I GET Bar delivers 3500 puffs around based on average use.

How long does a Bar vape usually last?

According to smokers and vapers, an average of 10 puffs is generally supposed to be equivalent to one cigarette. The IGET Bars deliver 3500 puffs per vape, so the IGET Bar 3500 is roughly estimated to be 350 cigarettes. Therefore, an IGET Bar 3500 lasts approximately 7 to 15 days.

How do I use the new Bar vapes?

To use the Bar vape, you simply need to inhale on the mouthpiece. It is draw-activated, so it will activate automatically when you take a puff.