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How To Recharge IGET Bar Cover

How To Recharge IGET Bar: 6 Effortless Steps For Beginners

Have you ever been troubled about how to recharge IGET Bar and when it’s dead but still left e-liquid? Especially challenging for beginners.

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps for you:

  1. Prepare tools (pliers, scissors, power socket, paper towel and a DIY charger)
  2. Open an IGET Bar
  3. Take out the battery and tank
  4. Connect the wire and turn on the socket
  5. 4 recharges, 1-2 minutes each
  6. Reassemble IGET Bar

In this guide, discover six beginner-friendly steps to effortlessly charge your I GET Bars, ensuring you can enjoy them anytime.

Just a heads up, this guide won’t support you charging disposable vapes—it’s just here to satisfy your curiosity.


How To Recharge IGET Bar Introduction

This guide serves as a detailed and beginner-friendly manual on charging an IGET Vape Bar, which is based on feedback from vapers, covering precautions, charging procedures at home, and DIY cable methods.

If you’re unsure about the safety of recharging, don’t worry – I’ve googled thorough research, dismantled 5 I GET Bars and recharged them successfully to ensure you get a detailed safety guide.

With this hands-on experience, this guide below has you covered.

How To Recharge IGET Bar Vape?

Get straight to the point and see how to recharge Rock IGET Bar vaps in this video.
For more detailed instructions, keep reading below.

Seven detailed steps are right below would be super easy for you vapers to follow, and let’s get into it.

#1 Prepare tools

Prepare Tools Before Recharge IGET Bar

Before you start to charge your Bar vapes, these tools will be needed.

  1. Pliers
  2. Scissors
  3. Power socket
  4. A DIY charger or (Android charger/Apple charger/Samsung charger will be cut)
  5. Paper towel
Make A DIY charger Before Recharge IGET Bar
Make A DIY charger
Make A DIY charger Before Recharge IGET Bar

Make A DIY charger Before Recharge IGET Bar

We all know that the Vape Bars don’t come with a charging port, so we need a DIY charger. Making a DIY charging cable is easy – all you need is a charging cable and a pair of scissors.

It doesn’t matter what type of data cable you have, whether it’s a Samsung, Apple, or Android cable, it’ll do the trick.

  1. Use the scissors to cut the smaller end, take a close look at the picture to confirm, and ensure not to cut in the wrong end.
  2. Peel off the outer protective layer to expose the colourful wires inside, like in the pic.

And there you have a DIY charging cable. It’s easy for you, right?

#2 Open an IGET Bar

Open An IGET Bar Before Recharge IGET Bar
Open An IGET Bar

In this part, we will understand how to open IGET Bar vape with a piler, a dead vape and some paper towels.

One hand to grab your dead Bar body. The other hand holds the piler to grip the bottom joint of the IGETBAR vape and pulls it back and forth until the bottom lid is pulled off.

This process may take some minutes, and even your device’s appearance may be destroyed, so be patient and careful when using the tools.

#3 Take out the battery and tank

Take Out The Battery And Tank Before Recharge IGET Bar
Take Out The Battery And Tank

After opening it, you’ve completed half the task successfully. However, you will be cautious when removing the internals to avoid directly by hand or flinging them out to the e-liquid leakage.

We continue to grasp the pliers to grip the outer layer of plastic covering the cotton wick and then pull it out, which is a smooth act, with no effort needed.

If you grip the cotton directly, it will lead to e-liquid leakage.

#4 Connect the wire and turn on the socket

Connect The Wire And Turn On The Socket
Connect The Wire And Turn On The Socket

It’s your turn to use DIY charging and socket now.

  1. Connect the red wire of the DIY charging cable to the red end of the battery and the blue wire to the other end of it.
  2. Turn on the power button.

If you still have no ideas to connect, please check out the beginners section below for a good understanding.

Don’t forget to turn on your socket when charging it.

#5 Four-time recharges, 1-2 minutes each

Charging IGET Bar Time And Times
Charging IGET Bar Time And Times

And we will monitor the charging process, which is important when charging.

If you feel the battery gets hot, stop charging immediately, wait some minutes until you get an ordinary temperature, and continue to charge your battery again.

After 4 or 5 charges, each taking about 1-2 minutes, the charging process is complete.

#6 Reassemble IGET Bar

Reassemble IGET Bar
Reassemble IGET Bar

Now, you can reassemble the tank and battery back to the IGET Bars.

  1. Be careful not to put them on backwards.
  2. Ensure that the wires are properly positioned

After reassembling, you can enjoy more puffs.

How To Connect The Wire For A Beginner?

Connect The Wire For A Beginner
Connect The Wire For A Beginner

The inner wires of different types of data cables come in various colours, and you might encounter black, red, blue, or even other colours.

So, how do you tell if different coloured wires correspond to the positive or negative terminals of the IGET Vape Bar battery? Check out the table below for reference:

Wire Colours Instruduction
Wire Colours Introduction

We only need to connect the positive wire to the red end of the Bars Vape battery and the negative wire to the green end to complete a circuit.

  • Power Positive (+): Red wire in Micro-USB and Lightning.
  • Power Negative (-) Ground: Black wire in Micro-USB and Lightning, Ground in USB-C.
  • Data Transfer (D+/D-): White/Green wires in Micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning.
  • Type-C Control (CC): Blue wire in USB-C.

Specific colours may vary by country, and it’s recommended to check the cable’s specifications.

Successful Charging VS Failed Charging

Successful Charging VS Failed Charging
Successful Charging VS Failed Charging

Here are several signals that can be used to determine if your charging was successful:

  1. Rich flavour: While inhaling, you will inhale a rich Bar flavour like the first time to indicate a successful recharge.
  2. Thick vapour: The density of vapour is as thick as before experienced to indicate charging works.

If your vape still doesn’t work, you may need to get new IGET Bar Puffs for vaping joys.

How To Recharge IGET Bar From Reddit?

The above is what I shared for charging the Vape Bars.

Below, I’ve cut some valuable comments from Reddit users to offer diverse ideas for you vapers.

How To Recharge IGET Bar Reddit
How To Recharge IGET Bar Reddit

To view more comments, please refer to Reddit about how to recharge IGET Bar 3500 puffs.



When charging your IGET Vape Bar, it’s essential to observe the following precautions

  1. Supervise Charging: Do not leave the IGET Bar vape unattended while charging. Regularly check the device during charging to ensure it doesn’t overheat.
  2. Charge in a Safe Environment: Charge the Rock Bar vape in a well-ventilated and non-flammable environment. Avoid charging on flammable surfaces.
  3. Avoid Overcharging and overheating: Turn off the power to the device as soon as it is fully charged or the battery is hot.
  4. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Adhere to the charging guidelines provided by the manufacturer in the user manual.

How To Recharge IGET Bar Plus

If you are a pod vaper, please take it slow and here is the easy IGET Bar Plus charging guide:

  1. Get ready with the depleted IGET Bar Plus, Type-C cable, charger, and power supply.
  2. Attach the charging port to the Type-C charging cable.
  3. Charge the device and verify if the indicator light works.
  4. Waiting for the charging time is about 1 hour.
  5. Disconnect promptly and avoid overheating.

Here’s a guide to the best charging for outlining the most specific and safe steps to take, so don’t miss it.

👉 How To Charge IGET Bar Plus: 5 Steps Help Revive It

How To Recharge IGET Legend

If you have the IGET Legend vape, this part will be helpful for you to revive your dead device.

Please check the 6 key points about how to recharge an IGET Legend vape:

  1. Grasp the mouthpiece with pliers
  2. Examine the remaining e-liquid.
  3. Identify the positive and negative battery poles within the vape device.
  4. Using the DIY charging cable, match the positive and negative ends to the battery poles.
  5. Insert the DIY charging cable into the power source.
  6. Assemble the vape device.

If you still want specific details on disassembling the Legend and charging it safely, then you should need this ultimate guide below. 👉 How To Recharge IGET Legend: 6 Detailed Steps To Quick Help


This guide comprehensively covers different aspects of charging the Vape Bars.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, disposable vape online is an indispensable companion, ensuring a seamless and secure charging vape experience for you.

FAQ: How To Recharge A IGET Bar

Is an IGET Bar rechargeable?

IGET Bar vape is a non-rechargeable disposable vape (Electronic cigarette). Charging is generally not recommended for safety reasons.

How long does an IGET Bar usually last?

The typical lifespan of an IGET Bar is around 7 to 15 days, but this can vary depending on individual usage habits and frequency of use.

Can I recharge my disposable vape?

Generally, disposable vapes are not designed to be recharged. They come with an integrated battery that cannot be replaced or recharged.