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iget b5000 review

IGET Bar II Review: The Rechargeable IGET B5000

Check out, mate, the latest disposable vape from IGET Vape2023: the IGET B5000. This is the one that came out with the claim of being the IGET Bar II, and it’s completely new and improved with the rechargeable B5000! Say goodbye to wasteful battery use and hello to long-lasting, high-quality power.

In this blog post, IGET Bar Vape Shop will dive into all the exciting features and benefits of the IGET Bar II: IGET B5000 – The rechargeable version. Get ready to upgrade your smoking game with this innovative device.

iget b5000
IGET Bar ||: IGET B5000

IGET B5000 Overview

The IGET B5000 is the new IGET open 2023 with a rechargeable model, the first time IGET has marketed a rechargeable e-cigarette. It has a high-quality battery built-in and a mouthpiece made of high-quality plastic to assist the 5000 Puffs.

Available in a range of pristine colours, the frosted shape is very stylish and doesn’t feel too over the top, allowing you to enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

The result is a rechargeable battery and a shape that will set you apart from other IGET vapes. 

You may want to know more. Read on to find out more about the IGET Vape B5000.


  • Puffs: 5000
  • E-liquid: 15mL juice
  • Battery: 500mAh & Type-c Rechargeable
  • Nicotine: 5%(50mg/ml)
  • Weight: 78g
iget b5000 bundles 3pcs
IGET B5000 Bundles 3PCS

How Many Puffs Are In A IGET B5000?

The IGET B5000t offers 5000 Puffs. This rechargeable, battery-operated device provides a steady, metered supply of nicotine vapour. It comes in various colours and designs, each containing 15mg/ml of e-liquid.
A full charge lasts approximately 200 puffs, so if you use it regularly, you must recharge it every 2-3 days.
The IGET Vape B5000 is a great choice for people who want to quit smoking, as it can help satisfy your nicotine cravings without all the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

How Much Are Nicotine In A IGET B5000 Have?

An IGET B5000 contains a nicotine level of 5% (50mg/ml), which is virtually indistinguishable from the nicotine strength of many IGET vapes. So you don’t need to worry about whether it is unsafe, but I would strongly recommend using e-cigarettes safely if you are over 18 years old and not physically unwell.

How Long Does An IGET B5000 Last?

An IGET B5000 can last 12-18 days. Of course, this depends on usage. It will only last for a while if you use it constantly. However, it can easily last longer if you only use it occasionally.

How To Use IGET B5000 Vape?

Anyone can obtain and use the IGET B5000 by following these simple instructions:
1. First open the device lid to use the IGET Vape B5000.
2. There is no on/off switch on the B5000 so you can inhale slowly and deeply through the nozzle. The inhalation (or suction) vaporiser will light up with an LED sign
3. To start vaping, take a deep breath and exhale the vapour. The B5000 will automatically heat your cartridge and produce vapour.
4. when you have finished vaping, exhale through the mouthpiece.
When using the IGET B5000 for the first time, it starts with very little vaping. This means you inhale less vapour to avoid being overwhelmed. For some people, deep inhalation can be unpleasant.

What Are The Ingredients In IGET B5000?

IGET B5000 uses ingredients to help you get the most out of vaping. Here is a list of these ingredients and what they do:
-Nicotine: This chemical can lead to addiction if used excessively, so it should not be added privately.
-Propanediol: a compound commonly used in medical procedures and e-liquids.
-Vegetable glycerine: an oil derived from plants and often used as a solvent for e-liquid ingredients.
-Flavour: a chemical added to e-liquids to create a distinctive taste.

IGET B5000 Rechargeable Guide

This rechargeable wonder has features you’ll love, from its long-lasting battery to its easy-to-use design. But with so many options, knowing where to start can be challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the IGET B5000 vape rechargeable. So sit back, relax and read on.

iget b5000 rechargeable
IGET B5000 Rechargeable Vape

How to Charge the IGET B5000?

Follow these simple and clear instructions to charge your IGET B5000.
1. To charge the B5000, first stop using it.
2. Next, find the appropriate cable: Type-C, and a power supply: computer, rechargeable battery, etc.
3. plug it into the power supply and connect the IGET Vape B5000.
4. The LED will flash 15-20 times when the device is successfully connected to the power supply. Once the device is fully charged, it will flash three times when disconnected.
5. A charging time of 2-3 hours is recommended.

How often do I charge my IGET B5000?

It is recommended that you charge the IGET B5000 at least once every day. This ensures that every sip of your Puffd will last with full power.

How long does it take to charge the IGET B5000 fully?

Charging the IGET B5000 takes approximately 2-3 hours using the included USB cable. When you take the charging cable off, the device will flash three times, meaning you have disconnected successfully.

Why does my IGET B5000 not charge?

If your IGET Vape B5000 is not charging, there are a few things you can check.
1. Ensure your device is intact and there are no oil leaks or loose parts.
2. Ensure the USB cable is firmly plugged into the device and the power supply. If so, try using a different power outlet.
If something other than these solutions works, contact customer service. Please remember that no free after-sales service for devices taken apart without permission exists.

3 Best IGET B5000 Flavours

Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice is one of the best IGET Vape B5000 vape flavours. It has a refreshing watermelon flavour and a hint of mint. The mint gives it a cooling effect that is perfect for summer.

Passion Fruit Mango Ice

This flavour is the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness with a hint of cool mint. Passionfruit and mango combine perfectly to create a delicious and refreshing vape juice.

Strawberry Kiwi Ice

This flavour is the perfect combination of sweet strawberry and tart kiwi, with a hint of menthol to keep things cool. Strawberry Kiwi Ice is one of our most popular flavours, and it’s easy to see why.

This IGET Vape B5000 Bundles 3PCS – Mixed Flavours will help you open the doors to the B5000 at a great price.

iget b5000
IGET B5000 10+ Flavours Option

IGET BAR Vape VS IGET B5000 Vape

Several key differences exist between the IGET BAR Vape and the IGET B5000 Vape. The most obvious difference is that the IGET BAR Vape is disposable, whereas the B5000 Vape is rechargeable. Here we take a closer look at the main differences between these two vapes:

The IGET BAR Vape is a disposable vape, meaning you throw it away once you run out of juice. This is convenient for those who don’t want to worry about recharging their vape, but it also means you need to buy a new one every time you run out of juice.

On the other hand, the B5000 Vape is charged via USB, Which means that when you need to charge it, you plug it in instead of buying a new one.

Regarding Puffs, the IGET BAR Vape has a smaller tank than the IGET B5000 Vape, so the IGET Bart offers 3500 Puffs, but the B5000 offers 5000 Puffs of use.

Finally, there is no great difference in price between the IGET BAR 3500 Puffs and the IGET B5000 Vape. You don’t have to choose between the two because of the price; you can try both.

IGET Box 20PCS (Bar + B5000) – Save Up To 30%

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IGET B5000 Near Me

IGET Bar II: The rechargeable IGET B5000 is an incredibly powerful device that can help you stay vaping anywhere.

If you’re looking for an IGET B5000 near you, the IGET Bar is worth a look. This vaping has a long and stable relationship with the IGET manufacturer, guaranteeing genuine articles. Place your order now, and it will be delivered in as little as 3-5 days.