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How Many Puffs In IGET XXL?

Hi, the puff number on the IGET XXL is really confusing. Can anyone help with this issue?

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Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray

Answered on February 19, 2024

The IGET XXL Vape holds 7 ml of e-liquid and provides up to 1800 puffs. IGET XXL 1800 puffs is equal to 6 to 8 packs of cigarettes. It usually can last about 4-8 days.

However, this number is just an estimate. It does not necessarily mean that you will get 1800 puffs. It depends a lot on your usage habits and the capacity of the liquid.

When you use it too often, vape for a long time or vape heavily, the e-liquid will be consumed at a faster rate. This will greatly reduce the puff counts.

In addition, the larger the e-liquid capacity, the more puffs you can take too.

According to the user survey of disposable vapes we once did, if a person takes roughly 225-450 puffs a day, the IGET XXL is able to last 4-8 days.

If you are sceptical about what we have to say, you can purchase one from our IGET Bar Vape Shop and then go home and test the puff counts of IGET XXL yourself.

The current price of IGET XXL on our website is only $19.90. The special flavour, Mango Guava, is even priced as low as $14.90. The price is very attractive and favourable, so you don’t lose out on your purchase.

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