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How Much Nicotine In IGET Hot?

Hey! Does anyone know what the nicotine content of IGET Hot is? I'm at a loss now because I threw away the packing box by accident.

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Caleb Murray
Caleb Murray

Answered on February 8, 2024

IGET Hot 5500 puffs have a nicotine content of 5% (50mg/ml). This means that each millilitre of e-liquid contains about 50 milligrams of nicotine.

Therefore, a 12 ml bottle of IGET Hot liquid should contain about 600 mg of nicotine.

This nicotine strength for those nicotine addicts or experienced vape users not only can enjoy a strong throat hit but also can quickly satisfy the craving for nicotine.

However, when you cannot obtain nicotine information from the packaging, contacting customer service or the manufacturer is best to confirm the nicotine strength because some merchants will customize the nicotine strength to meet users’ needs.

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